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kr. 2.450,00

Wästberg w153 Île Lamp is a multi functional lamp- it can be used as a table lamp, a wall lamp and as a clamp lamp.
Wästberg w153 Île Lamp.Inga Sempé was always impressed by the clever clamp lamps of her childhood, used in many French country houses, as you could get them really cheap in hardware stores.
So, to improve the status of clamp lamps, and to bring back happy and light typology, the aim for w153 île was to allow for more uses for a basic clamp lamp, making it a multi-purpose lamp. There is a at base, allowing it to stand on a at surface. The lamp can also be mounted on the wall. And, last but obviously not least, there is a clamp to clamp the lamp wherever you need it. The light technology is based on a highly energy-efficient, high quality multi-chip LED solution, which gives a warm white light that is directed by the shade. A magnetic ball-joint construction enables very smooth and distinct adjustment of the shade.

Material: aluminium
Light source: integrated LED, 6W, 2700K, 530Lm, 50.000 hours
Cord length: 200 cm
Design:  Inga Sempé

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